About The Book


Tamara Goes To School "Building Self-Esteem" is the first of a series of books that focus on Building Confidence and bring awareness about topics such as Self-Esteem, Body Image, Bullying, Peer Pressure, and other issues youth are faced with in school, home, and around the world. 

In this book, Tamara helps Nicole find a positive way to address with being teased by her peers, Maya 
and Sherry. Tamara brings awareness about how teasing someone can cause people to dislike themselves and contribute to having low self-esteem. In the end they learn how to treat people with kindness, respect, learn the importance of self-esteem and become best friends. This book is a great tool to assist youth who may be experiencing issues such as low self-esteem. Tamara Goes To School is also great for educators to use as a tool to approach these issues and topics in a positive manner.

About The Coloring & Activity Book


Tamara & Friends Coloring & Activity Book was created to give youth the opportunity to create their own story through coloring. This book also provides activities that promote self-esteem and building confidence. Utilizing this coloring book is a great tool to teach youth about self-esteem in a fun and educational way!